Griffith Park: Old LA Zoo, Carousel, Picnic Area


(Pictured above left to right: Michael-Guest Investigator, Ashley-Historical Researcher, Erica-Former Investigator, Andres-Former Investigator, Andrew- Audio/Visual Equipment Tech., Katelynn-Guest Investigator)

Case Report:

Griffith Park- Old LA Zoo/Carousel

Investigation Date: January 20, 2018

Investigation Location(s)/Hot Spots Investigated: Old LA Zoo, Griffith Park Carousel, Griffith Park Picnic Area

Investigation Time: 6:00 PM- 10:30 PM PST

Investigators Present

Erica – Former Investigator, Audio/Visual Analyst

Andrew – Paranormal Investigator, Equipment Tech.

Ashley – Paranormal Investigator, Historical Researcher

Andres – Former Investigator, Audio/Visual Analyst

Michael – Guest Investigator

Katelynn – Guest Investigator

Investigation Summary

**Scroll down for Evidence Below**

C.R.I.S.P.’s investigation team along with 2 guest investigators first visited the Griffith Park Carousel where apparitions of a little girl have said to be seen for multiple generations. No other outsiders were present during our group’s investigation of the carousel. We began with the P-SB7 Spirit Box device, conducting multiple EVP sessions around the carousel with a few direct responses to our investigator’s questions.

Our investigation then takes us up to Griffith Park’s Picnic Bench area which has been said to have disembodied voices heard by visitors. While there, our investigators captured one intelligent response in a Digital Recorder stand-alone EVP.

Shortly after, the entire group went directly into the Old LA Zoo’s bottom enclosures and performed multiple EVP sessions, both with the P-SB7 Spirit Box device and just stand-alone Digital Recorder. Due to outside interference and contamination, no substantial EVPs or evidence was captured in the lower enclosures.

In the upper enclosures, however, multiple EVPs were captured, as well as two distinct glowing “orbs” around 2 of our investigators during filming. 3 Class-A EVPs were captured in an enclosure directly up-hill from what appeared to be a chicken coup from what seemed to be the same voice.

To end the investigation, the entire group returned to the carousel to perform more P-SB7 EVP Spirit Box sessions with intelligent disembodied responses. Some investigators heard the word “Griffith” come up on the device unfortunately after shooting ended.


At the Carousel our investigators are asking questions and you can hear a voice come through the spirit box which sounds like it is saying “I work here”.

Likely our best EVP of the night, investigators Ashley and Michael were in one of the upper enclosures. Listen to the end to hear a voice come though.

Upon leaving the upper enclosure, Ashley and Michael were walking down a path. Their recorder seemed to catch a conversation of two voices. After Michael says “it sounded like her…” you can hear two other voices come through.

Another good EVP, our investigators were about to move from one enclosure to another when a voice comes through and sounds like they are commenting on the team moving. 


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