C Client House

Crisp was hired by client, who will remain anonymous and will be referred as C. C’s house is located near the Rose Bowl and the historical Colorado Street Bridge. C reached out to us as they have been experiencing odd behavior in their house. Experiences include hearing voices, objects being misplaced, and dreaming of possible events that have happened in the house. CRISP group investigated the house using various tools such as night vision DVR cameras, a spirit box, voice recorders and more. During our visit only audio evidence was captured.

This clip was taking in C’s bedroom.

This next piece was taken in the garage with the spirit box and sounds like someone is telling us to get out.

This next audio was in the dining room. You can hear us talking and our footsteps but there is another voice in the background. As it sounds like it is whispering, it is hard to tell what it is saying.

The last piece, a simple EVP capture sounds like someone is saying “worship”.

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